V2 Brands - GoMacro


In 2003, Amelia Kirchoff was diagnosed with breast cancer. After speaking with her daughter, Jola, Amelia decided to fight the cancer with a plant-based macrobiotic diet in addition to a local lumpectomy. In the face of adversity, Jola and Amelia came together, fought the cancer, and Amelia won. During her battle with cancer, Amelia created the MacroBar™ recipe in her kitchen on the Wisconsin family farm. In the years following, Amelia and Jola began spreading the power of a balanced, plant-based lifestyle through GoMacro’s healthy and delicious MacroBars.


Since the brand’s launch in 2004, GoMacro has grown from selling MacroBars in local food co-ops, to making plant-based nutrition bars accessible nationwide. GoMacro is headquartered in Viola, Wisconsin, where all MacroBars are produced with certified, high-quality ingredients. The success of GoMacro has only fueled Jola and Amelia’s passion for spreading awareness to the world about the benefits of balanced, plant-based living. Today, Jola runs the business and when Amelia is not tending to the farm, she is working with the innovations team to develop the newest GoMacro recipes.