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Do you want to crank up your fall adventures, but are not sure which products are best suited for you?   We've put together a star-studded lineup to try all our products. 

1 Stoked Oats

1 NamedSport Total Energy Gel

1 NamedSport 4Fuel Recharge

1 NamedSport Sport Gel

1 Honey Stinger Cracker Protein Bar

1 Honey Stinger Organic Chew

1 Honey Stinger Waffle

1 Honey Stinger Organic Gel

1 Honey Stinger Performance Caffeinated Chew

1 Grynd Endurance Butter

1 Reboost Maple Gel

1 Go Macro Bar

1 SiS Isotonic Energy Gel

1 Salt Stick Fast Chew

1 Tailwind Nutrition Rebuild Recovery

1 Tailwind Nutrition Endurance Fuel

1 Raw Elements Lip Balm

Flavours will be random unless you specify in the notes section.

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