Whole Bean Organic Espresso - Roasted in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies.

The Brew Crew at Rise+Grynd Coffee would like to introduce our life's work and coffee passion.  Our company culture is dedicated to family values and a never-give-up philosophy.  We inspire you to challenge the daily grind with the taste of "you got this" in every sip.

In the tradition of small-batch roasting, we are creating bold and smooth coffee blends.  Hard work and decades in the coffee industry have led us to establish grower direct coffee programs (our coffee roaster is a legend). These beautiful plantations and hardworking coffee farmers provide high-quality coffee beans for our signature roasting profile. Huge, big hug to Mother Nature!

Dark + Smooth Whole Beans in a 1lb Biodegradable Bag.  

Enjoy the journey!

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