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6 Pack  (1 bar = 43g)

Perfect your day with 13g of powerful protein to conquer your hunger, the workday, or a mountain. Your go-to snack that is energized with the highest quality ingredients and sustainably sourced Wagyu beef bred from our heritage farm. Rich flavours of honey and lime complement our savoury beef with a sprinkle of cracked pepper for a delicious finish.

Sustainably sourced + handcrafted

We are committed to serving responsibly bred, premium convenience foods that support a future of sustainability. We use only the highest quality ingredients and maintain strict attention to detail in all of our processes. Each item is specially crafted and handled with care by people who are passionate about clean eating.

Made from Alberta Wagyu beef with 13 g of protein in every bar to conquer your hunger, the workday, or a mountain. Your go-to snack that is energized with the highest quality ingredients with no fillers

Minimalistic Ingredients

We don’t like to complicate things, that’s why our ingredients are simple. Thrive meat bars are a natural and nutritious alternative to other convenience food options that are packed full of unpronounceable mysteries. Energize with pure food to reach your potential and maximize everyday living.  


Thrive Provisions are unlike any other not only because of the clean label, superior taste and textures, or best-in-class practices, but we are also natural leaders with four generations of expertise and a rock solid reputation for excellence. Our Heritage Farm was established in 1940 and we strongly uphold the same family values, safety standards, and best-in-class practices that has made us a brand known for excellence and the most premium foods. Through Thrive Provisions, we continue to build upon our prestigious farming legacy that has flourished throughout the years. We enrich everyday living with artisanal, accessible food that defies the ordinary and solves the demands of the modern lifestyle.



We are proud to be beautifully situated on the lush Alberta prairies and nestled in the Rocky Mountains. We are adamant about upholding best-in-class practices with the treatment of our land and animals, which is why we are certified under the Verified Beef Productions Plus (VBP+) Program. Our farm is recognized for our decades of expertise and perfected techniques, but it doesn’t stop there…We will continue to raise the bar and be advocates for transparent and honest practices in the industry.


What makes you Thrive? 
Our vision is to foster a community that supports healthy lifestyle choices and the vibrancy of life! Thrive Provisions empowers eating at your best, to feel at your best, and perform at your best no matter what the task at hand is. We are passionate about creating a legendary experience that you can feel good about.


We are passionate about delivering a premium product that is unforgettable. We have spent decades breeding excellence and countless hours curating the perfect recipes with the finest ingredients to satisfy your taste buds and appetite. Eat and Thrive.

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